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Juice ET Hugo & Owen Trujillo



2MX2 is an Alternative/Latin Hip Hop group out of Colorado. They are well known for their modern renditions of traditional Latin music as well as their focus on political topics such as immigration, health, education reform, and other important matters of our times. The band consists of members Owen Trujillo who was born in Zacatecas Mexico, and Denver native, Juice ET Hugo. Both members are bilingual emcees with a passion for conscious lyrics. Although both emcees have had their own unique struggles, they are not afraid to share their experiences with their listeners. Owen Trujillo an “illegal immigrant” who came to the United States as a child to save his younger brothers life, often speaks about his struggle growing up in a society that fostered cultural shame.  Although Hugo, a health advocate and a cancer survivor was born a citizen of the United States, he also struggled with immigration issues when he was separated from his father due to immigration laws. This dynamic duo strives to inspire through their music by sharing their personal stories with the intention of empowering their audience to a rhythm that will make you dance.

We are reflections of

each other

I am an infinite reflection of light.


Come True

2MX2’s Band

  • Lolita DJ/Vocals

    Lolita is a poet, songwriter, singer and hip hop emcee.

  • DMDTheProducer
    DMDTheProducer Multi Instruments/Producer

    DMD has been 2MX2’s friend since they were in High School. DMD is a Phenom Music Producer an a dope ask Musician/Composer/Beatmaker as well as a brilliant painter. DMD  touches every genre with respect, grace and the cunning skills to extract it’s spirit and tastefully apply it where he see fit. Pound for Pound DMDThe Producer is the dopest Producer on the Planet.


  • Garey Kennebrew
    Garey Kennebrew Manager/Strategist/Mentor

    Garey Kennebrew was Owen Trujillo’s mentor and friend since 2008, in 2013 Kennebrew began to manage the group. Garey has toured with Andre Simone, WAR & many more.

Wake up.


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