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Juice ET Hugo, O1, Lolita, DMDTheProducer & Kenny O


2MX2 bite is just as bad as their bark. The Denver-based Latino pop/hip-hop group comes from a legacy of battle rapping and cipher slinging turned radio friendly up-and-comers sounding off without losing an ounce of their bravado. Their blood runs thick with the traditions embedded in their respective heritages but turned to face the present day culture and sound that has made acts like Bad Bunny, J Balvin and C. Tangana into global superstars. 

Comprised of rappers Juice El Tio Hugo and O1 along with singer Lolita and producer DMD, 2MX2 have captured a widely dynamic cohesion within their sound. Their sonic backbone, DMD, boasting production credits with Bone Thugz n Harmony, Dizzy Wright and Ying Yang Twins among many notable others, brings hard-hitting production just as easily as breezy Bachata raising bangers. Juice El Tio Hugo and O1 effortlessly trade verses, reminiscent of their days as battle rappers and Lolita, a rising singer in her own right, provides the icing on the cake — the Fergie if you will, to the band’s Black Eyed Peas. 

2MX2 thrive in creating content that focuses on identity and fostering community and an honest platform for their fans to connect. Their involvement with local youth groups and their outreach with school programs, pushing diversity within the arts seeks to extend that vision. Looking forward, 2MX2 plan to release their debut self-titled album on April 10, 2020 and will tour regionally throughout 2020 and look to expand outward in 2021. 

“2MX2’s well-crafted pop/hip-hop songs cast aside any notion of a language barrier and at the same time embodies the culture in an accessible way.” – Kori Hazel, 303 Magazine. 


2MX2 Members

  • Kenny O
    Kenny O Drummer

    Best of the best in the west

  • Juice ET Hugo
    Juice ET Hugo Vocals

    Hugo (2MX2):  A Mexican American from Denver,CO.  He is a recording artist and song writer with the band 2MX2.  Hugo is passionate about all forms of entertainment and uses his talents as a writer and performer to raise awareness and inform.

  • Lolita Vocalist & Emcee

    Lolita is an artist, activist, and advocate for the arts. She cultivates her creative skills in marketing, creative media, entertainment, communication, as well as research & development to facilitate and encourage people organizations & companies who have a humanitarian objective. Lolita is also a board member for a youth leadership program called Move Mountains out of San Luis Colorado. Lolita does lectiures/workshops and performances surrounding media, art, and entrepreneurship for youth all around Colorado.

    Bachelor of Science in Music – University of Colorado Denver

  • Owen Trujillo
    Owen Trujillo Vocals

    Owen is a bilingual songwriter, artist,  performer, and A/V post production expert. Originally from Zacatecas, MX, Owen Trujillo grew up in the inner city of West Denver, CO during a time of high crimes and gang violence. His mother pushed him to tryout out various alternative pass times like baseball, football poetry and music. In 8th grade he found his passion when he began to convert his poems into rap songs with his cousin Hugo in both English and Spanish,  dreaming of a career in music since a very early age.  Soon over the years, he and his cousin created a home studio where they would perfect their craft and meet their producer DMDTheProducer their sophomore year in high school. Barely finishing high school after being kicked out for selling marijuana at school, Owen quickly turned his life around and began going to community college of Denver and transferred to a four year university at CU Denver where he met his future bandmate Lolita. There, he gained the understanding of the music business while gaining experience as he learned it in class and in 2012 launched his Latino Pop/Hip Hop group 2MX2.  Since then he has appeared on national television, placed his music in feature films and tv shows, and toured with national acts throughout the United States and Mexico. In addition Owen is the co founder of a media company called Enlightofme that produces 2MX2’s pictures, videos, graphics, web, audio recordings and music production in house.


  • DMDTheProducer
    DMDTheProducer Multi Instruments/Producer

    DMD has been 2MX2’s friend since they were in High School. DMD is a Phenom Music Producer an a dope ask Musician/Composer/Beatmaker as well as a brilliant painter. DMD  touches every genre with respect, grace and the cunning skills to extract it’s spirit and tastefully apply it where he see fit. Pound for Pound DMDThe Producer is the dopest Producer on the Planet.


  • Garey Kennebrew
    Garey Kennebrew Manager/Strategist/Mentor

    Garey Kennebrew was Owen Trujillo’s mentor and friend since 2008, in 2013 Kennebrew began to manage the group. Garey has toured with Andre Simone, WAR & many more.

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