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Latin AlterNative Pop Rock Hip Hop

Our Latest Song: Arriba y Abajo

 Collaborating with the incomparable Yuzo Nieto, lead singer of the renowned band Pink Hawks, this track catapults listeners into an immersive experience where emotions run wild.

About 2MX2

2MX2 self-styles as an “alterNATIVE pop hip-hop band,” but it’s more complicated than that. The reggaeton you hear blasting out of every window in the Caribbean is made accessible through a Colorado filter by 2MX2, but the beloved young Denver band also mixes in traditional Mexican influences, intoxicating pop, and a passion for activism and youth education. Though it has no full-length album yet, 2MX2 and its bilingual hip-hop have exhilarated Colorado crowds for a few years now, empowering listeners to be active in politics and social issues, and leap out of their seats with inspirational songs like “I Ain’t Changing.”

written by Adam Perry “The Colorado Sound”