Colorados Latinx Alternative/Pop Hip Hop Band


Denver, Colorado

2MX2 is a Latin Pop/Hip Hop group out of Colorado. They are well known for their modern renditions of traditional Latin music into danceable urban rhythms on topics such as immigration, health, education reform, and other important matters of our times. The band consists of members Owen Trujillo aka O1 who was born in Zacatecas Mexico, and Denver natives, Juice ET Hugo, Lolita, DMD and Kenny O.


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Owen aka Roleplay

Owen is from Mexico but has been living in Denver Colorado since his childhood. He Graduated with an Audio Engineering Degree from The University of Colorado. Owen is a Singer Songwriter and one of the main vocalist from 2mx2.


Juice aka El Tio Hugo

Juice was born and Raised in Denver Colorado . Juice is a very talented lyricist and Song Writer. He is the other Main Vocalist for 2mx2



Lolita was born and raised in Denver Colorado and is an artist, activist, and advocate for the arts, Lolita cultivates her creative skills in marketing, creative media, entertainment, communication, as well as research & development to facilitate and encourage people organizations and companies who have a humanitarian objective.


Dmd The Producer

David aka DMD is a song writer and Beat producer from Denver Colorado. His talents include music production, Guitarist, and general musician that can play many instruments. He is the main producer of beats and music style for 2mx2


Kenny O

Kenny O is from Denver Colorado , Kenny is the drummer of 2mx2 . he is a talented musician and Marijuana connoisseur.

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