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GMO (Genetically Modified Oppression) – Mixtape

The new project from the latin hip hop phenomenon 2MX2 – GMO (Genetically Modified Oppression) is set to release December 7, 2013 worldwide. The album exposes the mental and physical health conflicts the group faced growing up and how they overcame them. With the help of conscious hip-hop names such as Dizzy Wright of Funk Volume, The Reminders, Rebel Diaz, DJ Cavem and a special appearance from Immortal Technique 2MX2 empowers their listeners to pay more attention to their food and the consumption habits that society finds acceptable.
On the album GMO (Genetically Modified Oppression) 2MX2 shares their experiences with not only oppression politically and mentally, but also nutritionally. The duo, Role Pley and Juice ET Hugo, speak from their own perspectives. Role Pley, at one time was an “illegal” immigrant that came with his family to the US to save his brother’s life when he was born with health defects. Role Pley shares his story about growing up in a society which fostered cultural shame. Being Mexican and speaking a different language was something he tried to hide.
Juice ET Hugo speaks from a political and health perspective, in 2001 he was separated from his father because of immigration laws. In 2010, Juice was diagnosed with leukemia. Juice is convinced and presents evidence that genetically modified foods: things like soda, fast food, white flour, high fructose corn syrup, milk and other ingredients found in our everyday food made him more susceptible to cancer. In 2011, he drove his cancer into remission using a combination of medical marijuana and healthy eating. The purpose of the album is to expose these situations so that others can relate and be motivated by it.

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Case Study 20:12 – Mixtape

As a first record under the new name 2MX2 (formerly known as 20:12), in Case Study 20:12 the two artists perform a series of experiments on test subjects (listeners) giving DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS OF DRUGS TO TRY AND UNCOVER THE PERFECT mixture (perfect style of muisc) Every drug (song) is different from the last, so throughout the album a doctor observes and records data explaining the reactions from a test subject.

2MX2 set out to test their musical versatility by combining hip-hop with various major music genres (reggae, techno, rock, etc.). Features from Debajo del Agua, Rebel Diaz and D-Loc (from Tech N9nes ‘WorldWide Choppers’ off All 6’s and 7’s). So is this still hip-hop, or an evolution of music?

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