2MX2 Celebrate Mothers Day with the release of their new song “Abuelita”

2MX2 celebrate on May 10 (Mother’s Day in Mexico) the release of their new song “Abuelita”

Mother’s Day is coming and 2MX2, the bilingual hip-hop duo, wanted to take the opportunity to release a new song dedicated to those women considered by many as a second mother: we refer to the grannies, grandmas or as the song says abuelitas. They are known as the source of love and unity for our families.

Inspired by memories of their childhood in Mexico, marked by the love and protection of their grandmothers, the members of the duo decided to join their talent to give life to a song that is a tribute to Owen’s grandmother, who died in 2013 and The grandmother of Juice ET Hugo, who still lives in Durango, Mexico:

“We wanted to make a beautiful song for our grandmothers and when we made the song, we liked it so much that it is now coming out on our new album,” says Owen.

The lyrics written by Owen and Juice E.T. Hugo, includes verses in English and Spanish in which they express their affection and gratitude to their beloved grandmothers. The music, composed by DMDTheProducer, proposes a combination of hip-hop, moombahton and electronic music. Far from being a sad song, it is a rhythmic ballad that mixes joy and nostalgia.
“Abuelita” is available now (as of May 10, 2017) to celebrate and commemorate their grandmothers. The song is available on www.2mx2.comand on various music platforms like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

In addition, 2MX2 will unveil physical copies of their most recent singles at the Bluebird Theater in Denver, CO May 27, 2017, stayed tuned for more info. May will be a month of great releases for this magnificent duo whose popularity is on the rise. Do not miss it!

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