Making your family proud through hip hop “Trev Rich gets signed to Cash Money Records”

We have been hearing the name Trev Rich for quite some time now, and we just heard some big news. Trev Rich has been working on a record deal with Cash Money Records and finally nailed down an agreement he and his camp was cool with. Although 2MX2 has never collaborated with this cat we recommend that our people take notice of this artist coming out of Denver, CO. Listen to his music and support if you like it.

What caught our attention was that he chose to sign the contract in front of his whole family. You can hear the pride fill the room with cheers and happiness. When someone makes it and is quick to bring their family into the mix, that in our opinion is love, family love. Our families deserve to be proud of us and we deserve to share all of our accomplishments with them, much love Trev Rich.

You can find his facebook and music here:

Also here is the link to the facebook video that inspired us to write this (you may not be able to view it due to privacy settings):

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