Pachamerica Festival 2016 (filmed and edited by Enlightofme)

On June 18, 2016, Debajo del Agua, ArteCura, and Yucasoul hosted the 1st Annual Pachamerica Festival in Denver, Colorado.

The Pachamerica Festival seeks to honor the rich and diverse musical legacies of different cultures from throughout the Americas and beyond. Pachamerica is a play on words between Panamericana, (which includes North, South, and Central America) and Pachamama (which means mother earth).

The Pachamerica Festival celebrates border-less musical mixtures, and our vision is to develop and curate an annual platform where national and international artists with a social justice background can come to Denver to transcend borders and share their musical/cultural diversity while building on social justice issues.

We are currently working on 2017.

Special thanks to Owen Trujillo-Rodriguez (Enlightofme) and his team in helping us document the vision and produce this amazing video.

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