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Our Achievements

2MX2 have been featured as semi finalists on season 6 & 7 of national television's “Tengo Talento Mucho Talento,” and they were also featured on Telemundo’s “Vamonos De Fiesta.” Their music has been featured on major films, various documentaries, and they’ve been performing national and internationally for 6 years and counting. Their most recent project is a successful 18 city tour with The Flobots called the DeTour in partnership with Colorado Creative Industries.

What we are known for

2MX2 is an alternative Hip Hop band out of Colorado. They are well known for their modern renditions of traditional Latin music as well as their focus on political topics such as immigration, health, education reform, and other important matters of our times. The band consists of members Owen Trujillo who was born in Zacatecas Mexico, and Denver native, Juice ET Hugo. Both members are bilingual emcees (rhyming in Spanish & English) with a passion for conscious lyrics. Although both emcees have had their own unique struggles, they are not afraid to share their experiences with their listeners. Owen Trujillo an “illegal immigrant” who came to the United States as a child to save his younger brothers life, often speaks about his struggle growing up in a society that fostered cultural shame. Although Hugo, a health advocate and a cancer survivor was born a citizen of the United States, he also struggled with immigration issues when he was separated from his father due to immigration laws. This dynamic duo strives to inspire through their music by sharing their personal stories with the intention of empowering their audience.

Our Future

Right now we are focusing heavily on the gift of high quality media and performances with new perspectives and songs that need to be seen and written about. With that said, we are currently joining the wave of creativity and empowerment The Flobots intends to create on their new album "NOENEMIES". With them, we have with conviction been given a mission to pick up where "Fight With Tools" left off. Therefore we are hitting the studio to record some new music worth listening to and shoot more videos worth watching.

"I downloaded some 2MX2 songs on my phone, so now while doing homework I listen to those songs, and I've been less stressed than I was in the beginning."
Movemountains leader

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Juice E.T. Hugo



I started my journey in entertainment as a hip-hop songwriter and performer in High School.  With the help of a teacher at my school I was able to organize a club for 45 students who were interested in hip-hop – appropriately called “Hip-Hop Club”.  I wrote a song about the school and helped choreograph performances for pep rallies.  After I graduated, I continued to write and perform songs in many…

Owen Trujillo

Since 2012

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As the coolest geek on the planet I’ve had a long road of training in customer service, technical support and solutions. With experience in these fields working for Apple Computers, T Mobile USA and Freespeech TV, I have made the leap into making the world a better place. Now a days I’m at the point of graduating from CU Denver with my Bachelors of Arts and Science degree in Music…

2MX2 (As a Duo)

Since 2012

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2MX2 naturally attracts a diverse crowd of music lovers to enjoy the unique yet harmonious unification between hip hop music and other popular genres. 2MX2 is made up of a couple modern day geeks named Owen Trujillo and Juice E.T Hugo. These musically savvy class clowns and their beat-boxing DJ, DJ R Skwared have one of the most entertaining live shows that hip hop has to offer. 2MX2 often change…